Ashley F

When I was asked to do a testimonial for the UCAN2 Community I agreed without hesitation, despite feeling a little nervous about sharing my whole story, having only told snippets of it previously.

I am delighted to have joined team ucan2, in the beginning I had no idea what an amazing community it was. I thought it was just one of those groups that you are in because you have joined the opportunity at hand. I thought I would get an odd photo I could use or some wording for a post every so often. I was shocked at the time and energy these guys are putting in. We have support here on tap, these leaders have an abundance of knowledge, skills, energy and encouragement. They are willing to give us the tools and resources to succeed in our business and in our lives making us see things differently. The one thing I love about this group is the personal feel, it doesn’t matter that you are not experienced like some people, you don’t get left behind because you haven’t a big team, small team or no team. These leaders will jump on a 3 way call, organise a webinar. Whatever you need it’s in this community it’s amazing!!!