Lorraine C

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it is how you handle it when it happens that makes you who you are today. Last July I was told my job of ten years in digital marketing was gone, redundancy available and I was expecting my third child in less than two months.

I could have put the feet up relaxed and spent my maternity leave watching lots of TV or wasted hours online doing very little but instead I decided that this was an opportunity for me to try something new something that I had never done but always was intrigued about – learn all about network marketing. I always wanted to own an online business!

I researched for weeks and through my search I came across Dave Ives in a Facebook Live. I knew straight away he was someone I wanted to work with. What I have found is you work with people, you buy from people and you socialise with people – not companies, not products they will come and go.

Since joining the UCAN2 community in September and meeting and getting to know all of the leaders Dave, Jason, Grahame, Gaz and Paul has been inspiring and fun. I love the energy from them and their wisdom.

For me I love learning new things every day, with UCAN2 I have found my entrepreneurial home!
Love and respect to each and everyone of you xxxxx