Richard M

It is rare in any job to find a management group that that is both supportive and enabling. Hence why a lot of us leave the corporate world to follow our own entrepreneurial spirit. This can be a very lonely path.

When I was starting to look into my own home-based business I was daunted by the enormity of all I had to learn and frankly terrified of doing it alone. I was extremely lucky to be introduced to the UCAN2 community while I have been on this path of personal growth and business development.

It is incredible to finally have found people who are passionate in helping me learn my way. The motivation and support the leadership of this community provides is a lifeline in this vast sea of online business. It is such a new experience for me to have leaders there who repeatedly go the extra mile. They constantly ensure that everyone in the community has not only all the tools they need to succeed, but also the support and one on one connection to allow you to progress at your own speed.