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Please take a few moments to watch this Getting Started Orientation before delving into the rest of the Information below.

UCAN2 always strive to bring the most value we can to you, the community. Below you will find document sets, tutorial videos, walkthroughs all intended to answer any questions you may have from the compensation plan, to setting up your “HELO”, to navigating the back office.

This Induction video will set you up with all the key URL’s and information regarding the tools at your disposal for growing your business. 

Any questions around this video please feel free to reach out to anyone of the leadership and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Looking forward to help each and everyone of you succeed and move closer to your goals.

Fast Start Action Steps

If you want to get your business off to a fast start then we suggest you use the tools that we have placed at your disposal… So before you scroll through to the great training and content that you get by being a member of the UCAN2 Community, first have a read of these simple duplicatable steps.

First  24 – 48 hours, become a team builder by getting 10 – 20 of your hottest leads, and get their eyes in front of the 2 min intro video, which you will find here…  


If you like you could use the 7 min video which provides some information around the business model as well. You will find that link here…



If they want a more in depth overview of the business model then you can send them here…  


Now go be a Go-Getter,  become  a Team Builder, Team Developer and before you know it, we will all be cheering and celebrating you becoming the next Diamond ranked Wor(l)d changer.


Thank you for watching the GSO and Induction….

These next two videos are Live demonstrations of setting up your HELO, from taking out the box, to pairing it with your phone. There is also a full end to end demonstration of the HELO app including the SOS functionality. Enjoy

Setting up your HELO

Full Live HELO APP Demo

Do you need a completely integrated, All-In-One marketing system?

Well here it is. It’s Multilingual, It’s used by all the top ranks, It’s Phenomenal, You can even get a year free with referrals… Welcome to Helo.Life



UCAN2 Constantly work behind the scenes for the communities benefit. We strive to provide the world class tools, services and support to assist every single team member to build their business with ease. We recognised from feedback from other leaders that there was a better system we could bring the community from a marketing perspective. Shown here is a few samples of the features and statistics from the Helo.Life marketing system.

If your looking for a fully all-in-one marketing system, a single outlay without the need to procure 3rd party autoresponders or plugins and attempt configuration with no knowledge If you want a system that will score your leads based on activity, be able to email and SMS broadcast all contacts at once, if you want a system that gives you access to webinars from leaders around the globe for your prospects then this is the system for you, don’t even get us started on the multilingual aspects.

We encourage each of you to watch the below video which is an interview / walkthrough with one of the people responsible for the creation of Helo.life.



If you like what you have seen then please contact your active upline and ask them for their referral link. Remember if you are on the Helo.Life Pro Plan and refer 10 otherson the same plan then you will be given a years free subscription, providing 10 people remain active alongside you.

If you do not have an active upline who is subscribing to Helo.Life then you can access the ucan2 referral link below.

“Official” WGN

HELO Setup and Back Office Videos

“Click the pic to watch the Vid”

UCAN2  Team Training

Watch / Listen to the latest Team Training that get’s recorded, held live on Sunday’s then those we deem essential viewing are held here and in the archive for repeat consumption

UCAN2 “Other” Training

This section contains all other training material specific to the WGN opportunity, produced by UCAN2 or outside sources which we deem valuable to community members. You will find Audios, Videos, Recorded webinars and more

Check back regularly for future training and other value that we will bring to the community 

WGN Training

Please note there appears to be an ongoing issue with the FAQ where randomly answers to questions are not displayed.

Please also remember you can log into your back office, select INFOCENTER and KNOWLEDGE BASE for a comprehensive corporate FAQ also.

Still have some pending Business related queries? Try Here....

  • Wor(l)d Global Network is open and will ship products to 195 countries around the world. For the full list of countries, select the country tab when signing up a new member, alternatively log into your back office and select Business > Member Kit > PayPlan Countries List and download that file.

  • Weekly
    But please note that this is 21 days after the end of every cycle. Usually a cycle is 7 days from a Tuesday to a Tuesday. So your first payment will be 21 days after the end of your first cycle.

  • You must always sign up as an individual first. Once completed you may then add the Business Entity in the Back Office.

    Login to your Back Office > Click on Profile > Company Info.

  • Yes you can. You simply have to buy a New Family/Premium bundle.

  • The Blue Plan is for USA, Canada, Europe and Japan. In the Blue Plan, you need to personally sell and accumulate 450sv of sales on both your left and right team in order to be at the 20% Team Volume Commission (TVC) status.

    The Red Plan is for the rest of the world. In the Red Plan, if you join with the HELO Box Set (100sv), you will max at 10% TVC. If you join with the Family (500sv) or Premium pack (750sv), you automatically are set to 20%

  • RED PLAN = You need to personally purchase 30sv or more every month. This can be done by activating the loyalty membership.

    BLUE PLAN = The best strategy is for you to personally purchase 30sv and have one frontline on 30sv or more every month. This can be done by activating the loyalty membership. There is also a video from Jason Regan further up in this training section explaining both Active conditions in detail

  • A Team Builder is someone who personally enrols someone on the Left and someone on the Right. This doesn’t have to be done within the same cycle. And you only have to do this ONCE! As a Team Builder you now unlock Binary commissions. Never again to you have to “requalify” as Team Builder.

  • A Team Developer is someone who personally enrols 1 Team Builder on the Left and 1 Team Builder on the Right. This does NOT have to be done within the same cycle. Once this is done, it unlocks the career path to achieving ranks with WOR(l)D, and in turn matching bonuses along with the other bonuses.

  • The team Developer Bonus relates to a new incentive the company are trialling until end of December 2017, providing access to a global pool bonus for all distributors and the people they enrol, Please check the Training section above and watch the 557 Training video and download the ” Fast Track to Team Developer” pdf file

  • Yes but you must be a Customer and a Member of the Customer Referral program AND be ACTIVE according to the compensation plan.

    Please refer to “How do I remain “Active” in the business?”

  • If you are NOT active according to your countries pay plan, you will lose 10% of your Carry Forward for each pay period you are not active. After 10 periods of not being active your carry forward will be put down to 0.

    The Loyalty Membership is optional, however it is the simplest way to remain active within your business, without Loyalty Membership you would not be able to take advantage of its key benefits, such as free pro app licences and loyalty points etc etc.

  • Yes you can.

  • RED PLAN: Enrol with a Family Pack or Premium Pack, and your TVC will be set at 20%

    BLUE PLAN: Accumulate 450SV of sales on your left team, and 450SV of sales on your right team through personal enrolments. This only has to be done ONCE and never again. That’s it! And you are set at 20% forever. How awesome is that?

  • +1-844-967-5346


    Before you call, please make sure you have read through this FAQ in full to ensure you can’t resolve your issue. Please also raise a support ticket and then follow up with a phone call.

    ** UPDATE** 

    From July 25th 2017 Customer Services will be manned during the following times

    07:00 – 17:00 – UTAH

    06:00 – 16:00 – PST

    08:00 – 18:00 – CST

    14:00 – 00:00 – BST (UK)

    15:00 – 01:00 – CEST / SAST

    17:00 – 03:00 – UAE

    21:00 – 07:00 – Western Aus

    23:00 – 09:00 – Sydney



Unsure on something about the HELO? Look here first....

  • NO.

    All Customs and Import duties are paid at source by WGN. This is done using the international DTP agreement – “Duties, Taxes Paid”
    So the total cost to the consumer will be the cost plus shipping which registers in the checkout, and that will then be charged at the current conversion rate between $US and the customers local currency. 

  • At the time of checkout, they will provide you with the estimated time of delivery.

  • You can track your order by: 

    Log into your Back Office > Click on “My Orders” > Click on the “Order” > Click on the “Tracking Number”


  • You can review the full HEKA Privacy Policy in the document section of this page.

    (Simply Scroll up or go back to the top of the page and click on the yellow “Documents” button)


  • It can link with any Android or iPhone.

    However for Android devices it is recommended to use Android OS 4.4.3 or later. For Apple iOS devices iOS 9.1.3 or later is recommended.

  • You can find the relevant user manual by visiting www.worldgn.com then selecting the following from the top navigation bar

    Products > HELO > Manuals & Guides

    These manuals are all in multiple languages.


  • The Battery used by the HELO™ is a high efficiency lithium battery. Its duration varies from 3 to 5 days, depending on the use of the device.

    There is no need to turn HELO™ off since the device will go into standby as soon as the software detects little user activity.

  • Ensure you try the following.

    Attach the charging plate to the USB cord and connect it to a power source. Connect the HELO band to the charging plate ensuring the 2 metal prongs attach to the 2 circles on the HELO band.

    Now Press on the Side button of the HELO until the light on the HELO goes on (may take up to 10 seconds or longer). Charge until light turns green (approximately 1 hour).

    If this does not resolve the issue and you do not have an alternate charger to try then at this stage you will need to raise a ticket with support through your back office.

  • Only 1 HELO can be paired to each individual phone.

  • Yes. For this current HELO LX, it has to be connected to the phone for the SOS function to work. Once the button is pressed twice, the GPS location of the phone is sent out, using SMS, email or within the app depending on what information for others you have entered into WeCare

  • Green = On
    Red = Battery Low
    Blue = Bluetooth Connected


    All LED lights now flash intermittently and do not remain solid unless the HELO is on Charge, This is to help increase the maximum battery life of the device.

  • Germanium is an element which is commonly found in nature, a semiconductor indicated with Ge in the table of elements and atomic number 32.

  • The Germanium plates do not have a shelf life, they never require replacing.

  • First make sure that your HELO band is fully charged.
    Open the HELO App on your phone. Click on Menu. Scroll down to Settings. Click Unpair HELO. Click on YES to confirm. Then go back into the Menu again and click on Quit. Click Confirm.

    Now on the HELO band, hold down on the side button for more than 8 seconds until the light turns off. Once the light is off, release your finger. Hold down on the side button again until the light turns on.
    Open the HELO App on your phone and follow the instructions to pair your HELO band to the HELO App.

  • HELO™ sensor is a very high technology expertise in read “signals”. When you wearing the device it reads the signal of your body that the software is able to convert in measures.. When you don’t wear the device it still reads something literally from the air, the software actually simply tries to translate these signals. We also developed a solution with which HELO™ detects when somebody is wearing it or not, however we discovered that this software could cause a non read of dark skin or tattooed skin. So in order to preserve the ability to measure regardless of skin tones, we prefer the sensor keeps its current sensitivity and that HELO™ can switched off if not used. We are working to add into the next release a function that detects the wrist without losing the full functionality on darker or tattooed skin.

  • Its uses a a light sensor and a technology method known as PPG which stands for photoplethysmogram, which is fed into the Toshiba ApPLite chipset which computes / translates those signals via the designed algorithms to produces the readings you see in the app.

  • It’s a technique used to obtain a data stream of the hemodynamic by illuminating the skin and watching all the chromatic variations due to absorption of light. To be more precise, it monitors the perfusion of blood through the subcutaneous tissue of the skin.

  • 1) Earn Commissions & Keep Sales Volume
    Red Plan = You on LM; Blue Plan = You Plus 1 Front Line on LM
    2) HELO APP Pro x 5 ($60 Value)
    3) 512G Cloud + Online Tools ($349 Value)
    4) Protection Plan for HELO and INFOLIO ($99 Value)
    5) 75 Loyalty Points (1LP = $1) for you to use in the Store
    – Use LP to get a FREE HELO ($319 Value)
    – Use LP to get a FREE INFOLIO (Estimated $599 Value)
    6) Earn an extra 1% TVC in your Money Box
    7) Total Value: Over $1426 + 1% Loyalty Box. Total InvestmentL Only $708 ($59 x 12)
    8) $59: 30sv ($6) + $6 Fast Start!

  • Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

  • No. It is water resistant.

  • It is very important that you calibrate your HELO prior to measuring your blood pressure for the first time. What that means is you need to measure your blood pressure with a medical device at the same exact moment that you are going to be using your HELO. Once you receive your readings from the medical device, input that into the calibration values of your HELO application. This should work.

  • Battery:                          120 mAh Lithium
    CPU:                               Toshiba ApP Lite
    Sampling Frequency:  125 Hz
    Size:                                2,5x4x1,2 cm
    Weight:                          103 gr

  • There is an developer eco-system being created and made available called OpenAPI, there will be a dedicated app store for HELO plugins.
    An eco-open system is not just a new way of understanding HELO. We are in contact with researchers and experts who show us every day how HELO can help bring their ideas and their dreams to a new level. Developers will be able to use HELO to create applications for iPhone, Android and other devices that support the BLE protocol. Our SDK, drivers, and app models will be released as open source. In the future, we imagine devices like HELO will do even more amazing things. It’s really exciting to try to imagine where this technology may take us in a few years, but to get faster at this result, we need a large-scale innovation in this industry. HELO LX was built to allow just that!

Something not clear about BioZen? Try here first....

  • Electrosmog (or eSmog) is an informal term for an excessively high concentration of electromagnetic fields with possible adverse effects on the health of living organisms – humans, animals, plants and other animate beings, including single cells. Mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, notebooks, tablets etc.) produce eSmog and put stress on our internal biological processes.

  • The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. But our organism actually uses low frequencies for internal communication. The frequencies that our cell phones emit in this range interfere with this communication – continuously. Conclusion: it is proven that the actual damage caused during the use of mobile devices takes place in this area. BioZen is the only technology in the world that expands its protection to include low-frequency radiation and thereby makes it easier for our bodies to tolerate in the long-term.

  • The use of BioZen is generally recommended for everyone regardless of their ages. However, the brains of children and adolescents have not finished growing yet and it can be assumed that the negative effects associated with mobile radiation also have a negative impact on the human brain in the long term.

  • Our competitors primarily aim to reduce the legally defined SAR levels. However, these SAR levels only protect our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation. The BioZen technology is unique in expanding this protection to a biological level. This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are being formed. These low-frequency waves are the ones that can cause physical harm with the long-term use of mobile devices. In addition, all of the effects of BioZen are reproducible and clearly verified by expert reports – unlike those of the competition.

  • Some examples of known negative effects on the human organism are: headache/migraine, insomnia, nervousness, depression, dry/burning eyes, weakening of the immune system, skin irritations, etc.

  • Phone calls create a low-frequency electromagnetic field in the close vicinity of the cell phone. However, its levels are inconsistent: it contains gaps and peaks, the so-called gradients. Abrupt changes in the electromagnetic field irritate our bodies. Smooth progressions, on the other hand, are harmonious and easy for our bio-organism to tolerate. BioZen breaks these peaks down into smooth progressions that make the electromagnetic fields tolerable for our bodies.

  • BioZen has several layers. The two exterior layers are made of plastic. The interior layers have circuits, which – when they are exposed to electromagnetic waves – smooth the emerging magnetic field gradients in the ultra low frequency range (0–30 Hz), making them easy for our body to tolerate.

  • No, in theory BioZen lasts forever. At the moment we can say with certainty that five-year-old BioZen chips for mobile devices are still fully effective.

  • Yes, by now the positive effect of BioZen has been verified by the results of numerous scientific and medical studies. The latest measurements were even monitored by BUREAU VERITAS and the results were verified and certified.  You can get a good overview on this website under the category “Studies and Expert Reports”.

  • The EU-financed European REFLEX study and the privately financed VERUM study were published in 2008. These clearly showed that the legally defined limit should depend on the frequency – but it actually does not. Because every frequency has a different effect on our bodies. This means that a reduction of the SAR levels evidently doesn’t always make sense. Another solution had to be found. This was followed by groundbreaking discoveries in the biological area which showed us which way to go: it was clear that the solution had to lie in the low-frequency range.

  • Yes, BioZen works whether you have a protective cover for your mobile device or not. What matters is that you attach (stick) BioZen directly to the mobile device, as close to the battery or power supply as possible.

  • Then we cannot guarantee that BioZen works properly. ALWAYS mount BioZen as close as possible to the battery.

  • Yes. Do not attach any stickers in addition to BioZen. Especially if they consist of any kind of metal (metallic colors).

Query about your Back Office? Start Here....

  • Please try refreshing the page. This usually works 90% of the time. If it still is not working, try using a different browser such as Chrome or Safari.

  • Log in to your back office. Click on Business > Dual Team. Here you will see the daily calculation of your TVC. Please be aware this information can be upwards of 15 minutes out of date. You will see an “UPDATE” button to the right of the screen.

  • Log in to your Back Office. Click on Business. Click on Strategy. Click on Change Strategy and select the side location you want your new members to join on. Click Update.
    The Default Strategy is set to Automatic. The first placement always falls under your Common/Team Leg. After that it switches between that Leg and the Personal Leg automatically.
    If you are specific about where you want to place your new member, you MUST change the Strategy PRIOR to the new member signing up.

  • Login to your Back Office. Click on Profile. Click on Account Settings. Click on Privacy. And under the section “What kind of information do you want on your Personal Page?” check NO, and click Update.

Forgotten something about the loyalty membership? check here....

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